Regarding Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj (Ramgariya Suthar)

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is the head of the international non-profit organization Science of Spirituality, known in India as the Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission. To his disciples he is known as Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. SOS has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

Some Facts about Rajendra Maharaj.

1. This person is a computer engineer from IIT Madras in the year 1968.

2. In 1970, Illuminati Institute of Technology passed the MS Gold medal from Chicago, USA.

3. For 20 years, America’s reputed telecommunications company AT & T has served as the highest scientist in Telecom and Bell.

3. During these services, he invented the smart mobile phone and ATM card with the team of 20 engineers whose Rajendra Singh was a team leader.

4. The patents of 4 such inventions are with the rights of Maharajji, who run private expenditures from Royalty.

5. Households, including family, are disestablished, a son and a daughter are their offspring who are doing a doctor’s profession in America.

6. For 28 years, Maharajji is fully employed in the field of spirituality. They have given spirituality the scientific nature.

7. Sawan Kripal, running for 160 years, is the fourth guru of the Rohani Mission tradition, there is no allegation of any bias, economic irregularity, exploitation, property dispute over the past 160 years.

8. Three times, Maharajji has addressed the UNO-General Assembly of the United Nations for world peace.

9. In our country, this institution has been working since such a long time, but only limited people can reach them.

9 A- In 2010, the book written by Maharajji divine spark Dibya Spark has achieved the highest-paid book in America.

10. Maharajji speaks only of the inner world to the permanent inner world, interfering in the external world and not believing in external change.

11. Those who say, let them experience scientific evidence, meditation, under meditation. Maharajji is the full Vishwakarma, the complete man, the awakened man is employed for 24 hours, or he has not seen anyone sleeping in sleep.

12. In the Sikh community, there are Maharajji Tirakhan or Ramghadiya which are Vishwakarma ancestral Hindu.

13. In the scientific process of nomination, it provides the first experience of making the journey to the inner world completely free.

Rajendra Maharaj’s spiritual program is scheduled for October 04 in Rohtak, Haryana.

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